Aether Games Inc

Aether Games Inc. is a game development studio that creates high-end games within the crypto and NFT realm.

All games published by Aether Games are coherent and built in the same franchise and metaverse.

We are a joint venture of 3 of the most renowned studios in the gaming industry who have joined forces to offer the highest quality treatment to blockchain-based game development.


Welcome to gates of ethernity

Gates of Ethernity is a unique and immersive venture of bringing an undeniable level of graphics and artistic excellence, paired with immensely deep environmental storytelling into the world of Blockchain and NFTs.

The main difference between GoE and any existing counterpart definitely lies within exceptional level of quality. We strive towards fully fledged, Hollywood’s native level of cinematography and visual production.

Creatures, models and environments are purposefully created in hyperrealistic fashion. While keeping the standards high, our creations are barely distinguishable from the Nature itself.

We’ve created and populated a myriad of Worlds.

Completely yours for the taking.

Collect. Explore. Conquer.

Play to earn your honor and influence, collect mythical creatures, face your challenges and rise through the ranks.

Get into the wild through the Gates of Ethernity.



road map

June 2021

Early game design Gates of Ethernity

July 2021

Pre Production Gates of Ethernity CGI Teaser

August 2021

Production Gates of Ethernity CGI Teaser

October 2021

Aether Games inc. founded

November 2021

Gates of Ethernity CGI Teaser Release

December 2021

Pre Production Cards of Ethernity

January 2022

Full Development Cards of Ethernity starts

February 2022

Genesis NFT Drop 1

March 2022

Gates of Ethernity Pre production
Genesis NFT Drop 2

April 2022

AR NFT  Viewer App Release

May 2022

Pre Production CGI Series
Strategic Guilds Partnerships
Final Genesis NFT Drop

June 2022

Growth Marketing Strategies
Partnership Accumulation

July 2022

Cards of Ethernity Beta Release
Token Generation Event

August 2022

Cards of Ethernity Full Release
Production CGI Mini Series


Early 2023

Gates of Ethernity Closed Beta

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At Aether Games, our goal is to use all our resources to create a widely known franchise. With a continuously growing story behind, we aim to capture the attention of all people and not just within the crypto space.

the Creatures

Magnificent creatures, infused into our World directly through the Gates of Ethernity. Amalgamations of primordial elemental structures by nature, these peculiar beings are mere, but true descendants of Gods. Both rivals and protectors since the early history of Humankind, their emergence within our realm had definitely turned the tides and shaped the entire flow of major historical events.

Although getting more common than ever, meeting an Ethernal in person is still a rare and thrilling experience.



Fairy Light

Cryo Fiend






the team

The unprecedented resonance within Aether Games Inc can only be explained by team’s collaborative efforts of industry sturdiest veterans.


Public educators, innovators and truly prominent blockchain tech entrepreneurs. A well blend between specialists and generalists.


our partners & Investors

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