Benefits to Owning CoE & GoE NFTs

We are dropping 2000 Genesis NFTs this Friday. Each mint will be a bundle package meaning you will receive 2 NFTs. 1 Genesis NFT which is a creature in Gates of Ethernity, and one Card or Ethernal NFT for Cards of Ethernity. The rarity of this card will depend on the creature you have. An Ethernal is a small pet you can use during battles in Cards of Ethernity (similar to little legends in TFT).

Those that own a Genesis NFT will receive a token pre-sale allocation. To reward those that have been with us since the start, we will also give an asset to everyone holding the Genesis NFTs in all future games we create. Our Token itself will launch early April and the presale will be a few days prior.

Late March we’re doing a second drop of 1000 Genesis NFTs. Amongst the drop there will be completely new creatures that haven’t been shown to the public yet.

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