Win Your NFT!

Calling all with a passion for fan art, wanting to get into art or simply want to show off some skills! Head over to 🎨✍・art-competition with your entries!

From NOW until the 28th of April at 23:59 UTC you can enter for a chance to get an NFT!

This competition will count towards earning one of the Drop 2 whitelist tiers which grants a whitelist role (if you participate) – info on this can be found in 📃・nft-whitelist & 📣・announcements – after participation in this competition you will earn an art comp participant role to go towards earning tier 1 or tier 2 (or tier 1 and 2 alt)


  • :GoE: 1 NFT to the champion (end of competition)
  • :GoE: Your artwork shared on our official twitter @GatesOfETH (Every 2 weeks & will continue after the NFT portion deadline)
  • :GoE: Every twitter winner will also earn an automatic Whitelisted role


  1. Must be a piece of art created by yourself – drawn sketch, painting, digital art etc.
  2. Creative freedom to make something with our theme in mind is great – fan art of our own creatures would be ideal, but you are free to design your own creatures too!
  3. Your submission must be sent into 🎨✍・art-competition in order to qualify for the NFT prize
  4. Please be respectfull! This means that the piece should be appropriate (no hateful language, no racism, no political influence, no links to other projects etc.)
  5. To be entered into the twitter portion of the competition where winners are selected every 2 weeks you must post your content to twitter as well as discord and tag us @GatesOfETH


  • :GoE: Every 2 weeks the piece with the most discord reactions over that 2 week period will be shared on our twitter (granted that the piece meets the requirements as seen above)
  • :GoE: The top 3 all time reacted pieces across the competition from now until the deadline will be then put up for a final poll in which the community will decide on their favourite to win the NFT
  • :GoE: Make as much art as you can! The more entries you have the better your chances to pick up reactions towards earning either of the prizes (each piece however is individual – reactions do not stack from every submission)
:maw: Time to unleash your creativity, Best of Luck! :maw:

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