Genesis NFTs: Long-Term Value and < Secondary Market Role

We explained previously in our blog post about the benefits of holding GoE and CoE Genesis NFTs that Genesis NFTs represent playable creatures in Gates of Ethernity. But also, possession of Genesis NFTs grants a certain exclusive status with further perks and benefits to it’s owner — hence the Genesis status.

Genesis NFTs are only available in our initial NFT drops.

The first NFT drop was completed a month ago, and our second NFT drop is about to commence in one month away.

There will be 1000 Genesis NFTs available in our second drop and it will be your last chance to mint one directly from us.

The benefits of holding a Genesis NFT gives the holder exclusive benefits such as:

  • a token pre-sale allocation 
  • the exclusive right to an asset or reward in all future games released by Ethernity Games

Our $GoE Token is due for release in June.

Some of our NFTs, when minted initially, happen to be “starter-grade”.

What are Starter grade NFTs?

Starter-grade NFTs are our small creatures such as the Chaos Stalker, Stonewing, Tidal Wyrm, Viridis Watcher. These are small and young creatures in the first stage of their evolutionary development with unique skills and the potential for synergy. They are able to be leveled up and strengthen their abilities and powers.

As any other Genesis NFTs, these starter-grade NFTs also give the holder a chance to enter a raffle contest for a free high-grade, rare NFT such as Gromgold .

The key takeaway from this is that all NFTs released after our initial 3,000 will no longer be Genesis NFTs.

The only ways of obtaining one of these rare Genesis NFTs are:

  • the NFT presale (completed)
  • our first drop (completed)
  • our second public drop (commencing March 25th)
  • the secondary market

As a result of this, our drops are one of the only ways to get a hold of these limited and rare NFTs. The largest amount of active and passive benefits usually always go to the earliest holders. 

Genesis NFTs and Secondary Market Benefits

Aside to official public drops (only one public drop left ahead!), the only other way of obtaining a Genesis NFT quickly is the secondary market. Regarding the secondary market, the price of NFTs on marketplaces such as Open Sea can be highly volatile and, more often than not, higher than the initial mint price.These marked up prices factor in the rarity value of Genesis NFTs and the lifelong perks and benefits that they offer.

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