How to Ensure You Are Dealing With Original GoE Services

Security issues are important when dealing with personal information online and linking financial information and wallets that store your assets.

Here are some pointers to watch out for to keep your information secure. This guide will also highlight how to make sure you are dealing with original and legitimate Gates of Ethernity (GoE) services.


If you receive a direct message (DM) claiming that you have won a spot on our whitelist or that you have won an NFT, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. This is a common scam among many crypto discord servers.

Any whitelist competition winners will be announced publicly and NOT VIA DM.

As a general policy, GoE Discord moderators will never DM you first. If you do receive a DM on our Discord, make sure it is a verified moderator before engaging in any kind of conversation.

Please watch out for scammers.

They will DM (direct message) you with offers you can’t refuse. Be aware of fake accounts pretending to be moderators. They even adopt server names like “VERIFY” or “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” or even copy the exact names of our moderators. By asking a question in our chat rooms, you may attract their attention and they may opt to DM you with a scam message.

Be crypto savvy.

Scams exist where bad actors pretend to help you. They range from asking you to fill out forms with your seed word phrases. NEVER EVER give out your seed phrase to anybody, even legitimate people, or people that you know. It is highly advised that you don’t store your seed words on any device connected to the internet.

Scams can also ask you to connect your wallet to a website.

Never connect your wallet to a website that you don’t trust.

For extra security, you can even create a new wallet for each website you wish to do business with, and only use that wallet on the one website.

It is highly recommended that you do not divulge any personal or secure information like wallet passwords, seed phrases etc. as this information will not be requested in Discord DM’s but via other methods such as official website forms.

Imposters and fake accounts should be ignored and blocked. They can also be reported in our #reports channel (usually with a screen grab of the scam message/s).

Another security measure you can adopt to protect yourself is to set your Discord server settings to only accept new messages from friends. This can be accessed by browsing to  Settings >> Privacy & Safety and checking or unchecking the “Allow direct messages from server members” option.


On the popular messaging app, Telegram, you are advised to change what personal information is visible to your Telegram contacts.

You can do this by opening the app and tapping on the hamburger menu icon on the top left corner of the screen, then scroll to Settings (the gear icon), and head to Privacy and Security.

Telegram offers different options including blocking users, choosing who can see your phone number, profile photo visibility, when you were last seen online, forwarded messages, calls and groups.

We recommend you set them to either My Contacts or Nobody. This also limits the amount of people who can randomly message you.

You might also want to enable user-to-user encrypted chats so that Telegram network operators cannot access your chats.

To enable this feature, click on a contact’s profile, tap the three-button drop down menu on the top right corner and select “Start secret chat”.

You’ll see a padlock icon when secret chat is enabled. Click the three-button drop down menu on the top right corner to set the self-destruct timer, if desired.

One of the downsides of using Telegram for group chats is that they aren’t encrypted – the secret chat feature isn’t available for group chats.

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