The Key Differences Between GoE NFTs and $GOE Tokens

Many gaming projects use a combination of NFTs and tokens to facilitate their gaming ecosystem. We thought we should offer a brief outline as to what our Gates of Ethernity (GoE) and Cards of Ethernity (CoE) NFTs are and the utility of our $GoE token.


In a nutshell, our GoE NFTs are ERC-721 standard tokens that can be stored in a digital currency wallet.

Our NFTs will be multichain, deployed at the same time on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Polygon. 

In the GoE universe, our gritty creatures, otherwise known as Ethernals, are our unique, high-quality NFT assets. Players immersed in GoE environments can go out into the real world using built-in AR technology, where they will be able to collect, battle and level-up mythical NFT creatures or monsters.

This will form the foundation of our unique and immersive adventure that will be a true AAA augmented reality (AR) mobile game.

These Ethernals are starter creatures that have a unique trait (passive or ability) that has the ability to evolve as they reach higher levels. If you were able to claim and mint an NFT in our first or second drop, the GoE creatures in these bundles are genesis NFTs that have a future use case by holding them.

These genesis NFTs should be perceived as being more valuable than getting a similar version in-game after minting. The reason for this is that all holders of genesis NFTs will also automatically be given an asset or NFT for any future games that Ethernity Games will release in the future.

The rarity and stats of each of our GoE NFT creatures can be viewed in our previous blog post “A Breakdown of Contents for our First NFT Drop”.

If you missed out on getting a genesis NFT in our first drop, there’s still a chance to claim one in our second drop scheduled for late March 2022 where a further 1000 mystery boxes will be available


In our Cards of Ethernity (CoE) game, all of our collectible cards (150 in total) will be NFTs that can be traded and used in gameplay.


Our $GoE token will form the heart of our entire gaming ecosystem. $GoE token is intended to be used as a payment and reward system within all games in the Ethernity Games franchise.

In essence, $GoE token will be our in-house cryptocurrency and it will be used to cover the transaction fees in our own layer2 (L2) subnet. The Ethereum L2 chain has multiple sidechains  – Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC) with the help of tools provided by the Avalanche (AVAX) subnet.

There will also be staking and liquidity rewards for holding $GoE. In addition, the token will be available to the general public and specifically to community members, and eventually will be able to be traded on various crypto exchanges.

In Gates of Ethernity, you will be able to use $GoE token for:

  • In-game consumables
  • Adventurers
  • NFTs / Ethernals
  • Pay for any transaction fees.

In Cards of Ethernity, you will be able to use $GoE token for:

  • Card packs
  • Ethernals, spells and relics
  • Treasure chests & keys for treasure chests
  • A Battle Pass
  • Golden Ticket – which allows for entry into the Colosseum
  • Card backs
  • Adventurers’ skins
  • Goodwill
  • Thematic card decks
  • Pay for any transaction fees.

It is important to point out that whilst there are differences between our NFTs and our tokens, in our situation, both go hand-in-hand to form an overall ecosystem.

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