GOE Token is the heart of all our ecosystem. GOE Token will be used as payment currency and reward currency for staking, liquidity provision and in all the games of our franchise. And it will also be the utility token inside our own Layer 2 network, to pay for gas fees and to stake for validation of the network’s purposes. The total supply will be capped at 100,000,000 $GOE, with no future minting.


Token Distribution

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

Seed investors: investors and partners who accompany us from the initial stages of development and
allowed us to start the production of our first games. $3,000,000 $GOE are offered at $0.6 USD each
during December 2021 / January 2022

Strategic investors: investors who add value to our project and help grow our community and expand
our team. 12,000,000 $GOE are offered at $0.9 USD each from January to March 2022.

KOLs: allocation for KOLs and influencers, to publicize our project. $1,000,000 GOE offered at $1 USD
each during February to April 2022.

Public distribution: A Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool will be used for the public launch of $GOE
Token will be through a Token Launch Auction (TLA) in Copper/Balancer platform. TLAs are a specific
configuration of Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).

This is why we choose to launch with a LBP:

  • Price discovery. The price of the token starts high and drops based on a pre-configured price decay
    curve that can be resisted by buying pressure from auction participants. Anyone can buy into or sell out of the auction freely at any time, so price truly regulates itself.
  • Open and permissionless participation. Freely launch tokens and participate in auctions. No
    whitelists, hard caps, or listing requirements. There is no minimum or maximum allocation. Auction
    participants choose how much they want to buy.
  • Fair distribution. TLAs flip the first-come-first-serve launch model on its head and change token
    launches from being a race where the first bot in or the transaction with the highest gas fee wins. Get your
    token into the hands of as many people as possible in a fair way that disincentivizes front-runners and
    whales getting better rates than smaller participants.
  • Capital efficiency. The initial price of the token being auctioned can be magnified by up to 99 times
    relative to the collateral deposited along with it. Additionally, the collateral can be fully retrieved at the
    end of the auction unless the auctioned tokens already exist outside of the TLA and someone decides to
    sell into the auction.
    Utilizing Balancer’s LBP we are able to fairly distribute up to a further 7,500,000 tokens that aren’t subject
    to lockup.


Initial Pool Weight Ratio: 96:4
Final Pool Weight Ratio: 50:50
Timespan: 72 hours
Progression: Linear


Team & Advisors: 20,000,000 $GOE to be distributed in five years among all the members of our team
and advisers, as a reward for their total commitment to the Project.

Treasury: A long-term fund of 16,500,000 $GOE for the continued development of new games and the
growth of our franchise and metaverse.

Yield Farming: incentives to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges and stake $GOE on our pools.
30,000,000 $GOE to be distributed during the first 3 years.

In Game Rewards – 10,000,000 $GOE to be distributed across all of our games to players in PVE and PVP


Token Vesting Schedules

To ensure sustainability and fairness for all stakeholders, we included lock ups and vesting for each
category (except Public distribution):

Seed investors: 8-month lock and linear token release for 42 months.

Strategic investors: 6-month lock and linear token release for 36 months.

KOLs: 3-month lock and linear token release for 24 months.

Public distribution: no vesting.

Team & Advisors: 12-month lock and linear token release for 48 months.

Treasury: Uncirculated.

Yield Farming: 12-month lockout after claiming.

In Game Rewards: Will be distributed among all games in the franchise, calculated based on players.


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