In an earlier blog post, we covered the main difference between play-and-earn and play-to-earn when it comes to crypto gaming. In this blog post, we will explore this idea further and expand on the benefits that you can achieve when you play Gates of Ethernity (GoE) in a win-and-earn style versus a play-for-fun game mode (our variation of free to play).

What is win-and-earn? Why is it different from other common models?

As we covered previously, in the win-and-earn gaming model, the game mechanics are designed to allow the player to focus on gameplay rather than envious bidding and repetitive grinding. This is a common trait in other gaming formats such as play-to-earn, too.

In play-and-earn and win-and-earn, the opportunity exists for a player to engage in a game, spend currency within the game and earn benefits or rewards such as assets or currency that have the potential to increase in value.


Free-to-Play (F2P) games allow players to access a significant portion of a game’s content without having to pay any currency to play, or to continue to play. F2P is distinct from traditional commercial gaming software where a payment of some kind is required before using the game or service.

F2P opens up the possibilities in-game where a player can take part in gameplay without having to make any bids or monetary losses. The opportunity exists to purely enjoy the game.

A common F2P business model is based on the freemium software model, where users are granted significant access to a fully-functional game but are incentivized to make payments in microtransactions to access additional content or progress at a faster rate.

In Aether Games, we are striving to implement a mixed variation of this model — play for fun, which will not interfere with any financial processes: within this mode, you will not lose or acquire currency.


Gates of Ethernity (GoE) and Cards of Ethernity (CoE) offer two economic model: both win-and-earn and play-for-fun Here, the emphasis is switched more towards playing the game, with the earning aspect being a pure by-product of engaging with the game.

Aether Games wants our players to experience pure joy in-game and have the opportunity  to immerse themselves within the GoE lore and story.

As a result of this goal, GoE differs from MANY other standard crypto games in that it does offer the opportunity for free to play, play-for-fun gameplay. The focus on making our games both fun and appealing is an alternative to the greedy, driven focus on the finance and draining of your crypto wallets that is the ultimate goal of so many other crypto games. Their single-minded monetary focus makes many of those games substantially repetitive, with a lot of grinding tasks that drive most players to sheer boredom. It also reduces the desire for replayability and re-experiencing the game all over again from the start.

We also aim to avoid having any pay-to-win schemes in our games that are found in the gaming design of many other games in the crypto space.

In both GoE and Cards of Ethernity (CoE), the earning capacity is still there for those that want to advance at a faster rate. Competitive players can make bids if desired and take part in paid gameplay modes which are available on demand. This ecosystem is designed with the goal of making currency earnable by engaging in gameplay. And having a lot of FUN while doing it!

At the end of the day, it is up to the game player on whether they wish to simply play the game as F2P and enjoy the gameplay without any costs or spend currency in-game to receive a return and extra enjoyment. Aether Games aims to provide both options as fun and viable alternatives for our players to decide and choose for themselves.


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